Speed test – SSD v HDD

With the finished upgrade we did on the desktop recently, we decided that the laptop (affectionately known as 'The Beast') was amazing, but would run faster if it had a solid state drive. We opted for a 500gb drive because The Beast did not have the facility to have a second hard drive installed, so it came to the debate of performance v capacity. We met half-way so there is space enough for what is on it but it wasn't prohibitively expensive (still have 120gb odd free).

We'd been planning the comparison video since we came up with the blog concept and it seemed like the ideal opportunity. Master Tech did his Master Tech thing and (expertly) handled both the cloning and installation and the results are shown in the below video.

Even with the time it took to put in the password, the difference between the boot time between the solid state and HDD was impressive and the overall performance difference when using it now is amazing. It actually felt like a new computer.

We'd done the same in both our personal gaming rigs and I remember being impressed with the difference in speed in boot up but when you see it laid out side by side (and forget the timer, you can see in how quickly the computer woke up, opened Word and was ready to go) that it really was the best choice we could have made for The Beast.

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