Remote Support

How It Works

Entering a code in our remote access portal allows our technician to connect to your computer and see what is on your screen. They can also use the computer as if they were sitting right next to you.

This allows them to help you out as soon as you call us and lets us keep the costs down for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of computers can you help with?

We can connect to computers running Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Can I see what you are doing when you connect to my computer?

Yes, you are able to see everything our technician does.

Can you connect to my computer when I am not at the computer?

With your permission we can install a program on your computer that will allow us to access the computer at any time it is switched on and connected to the internet. Many of our business clients find this useful as we can then perform regular preventative maintenance outside business hours avoiding interruptions to their business.

This software also logs access by our technicians and displays a message on the screen so that you know when we have done something for you.